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1954 Cessna 180


Price: $165,000

Annual: Mar 2023

Gross Weight: 2950 lbs

Empty Weight 22 Aug 2010: 1728 lbs

Useful Load: 1222 lbs

Fuel: 55/51.4 usable gals

TTAF: 4885 hrs

Eng: 897.79 hrs



  • Rebuilt O470A, new 4 Ring Pistons

  • Lower end rebuild, overhauled Crank and bearings with new Cam.

  • New Lord Motor Mounts
  • New Skytec Starter
  • 60 amp InterAv Alternator
  • Dual Exhausts by Dawley
  • New, 6 line Priming Spider
  • Kosola Overhauled Powder Coated Engine Mount
  • New Engine Mount Firewall Bushings and bolts
  • New Scat Tube
  • Slick Start Magneto Booster (not being used)
  • Spin-on Oil Filter
  • Dry Sump Vacuum Pump
  • Both Mags have impulse couplers, rebuilt
  • Carb rebuilt
  • Brackett Air Filter
  • McCauley C-66 88" Two Blade Prop
  • Hub and Prop no longer supported by mfgr
  • New Cowl Plugs by Bruce Aircraft Covers
  • New DrakeAir Oil Cooler
  • Quick Drain for oil pan
  • Peterson Auto Fuel STC
  • New fuel line


  • Horizon Electronic Tach

  • TN-200D & Tri-Nav C
  • MAC1700 VTX & KI-209
  • Terra TX-760D  (display inoperative)
  • TERRA TMA-230D Audio Panel & 3 Light MB
  • KN-65 DME
  • 6 cylinder Allegro Engine Analyzer with Carb Temp, Fuel Totalizer and Fuel Flow, Low Fuel Warning, Fuel Remaining and Alarms.  Also displays Volts and Amps.
  • KN-73 GS (Glide Slope)
  • ARNAV R-21 Loran Coupled to TRI-NAV C
  • Collins TDR-950L Transponder


  • New Wings - Monarch Rigid Tanks and Caps

  • New WingX Extensions
  • Whelen Wingtip Strobes
  • Original Metal Wingtips
  • New Sportsman STOL Leading Edge
  • Inside of Wings primed before reassembly
  • Zinc Chromate used as primer.

          Has seaplane prop but never on floats

          "New & Added" in write up means since purchase







2005 photos       2022 photos including a 09 JCW Minicooper


  • New Paint in 2000, always hangared since

  • BAS Pull Handles
  • New Door Windows replaced in 2001, clear
  • New Horizontal Stab Trim Access Panel in Fuselage
  • Wing Strut Cuffs
  • STC for removing Passenger Door
  • Have approved Wheel Pants when running 600's
  • Whelen Fuselage Strobe/Beacon
  • Baggage Door
  • New Strapless Windscreen installed in 2000, clear
  • New Window Cover by Bruce Aircraft Covers
  • PPONK for Main Gear
  • New C172 type Door Latches, won't pop open
  • ELT unit with dual freqs and Control Panel
  • New Odyssey SBS-J16 Battery
  • New, Have 337 for running 800 tires
  • New, 337 for wheel pants with 600 tires
  • New, Sealed Battery relocated to firewall with 337
  • New Vertical Stab Rear Spar
  • Tail Crack AD performed. Due 2027. New Bushings/Hardware installed
  • New Brake Lines


  • BAS Shoulder Harness

  • 4 place Stereo Intercom
  • Added Reading Lamps for Pilot, Copilot and rear passenger
  • Added Optional Pockets for Maps and personal items
  • Rosen Sun Visors
  • Added GPS mount also houses the ELT control panel
  • Vernier for mixture
  • Added Insulated cockpit
  • Added Custom Air Mod interior 2001 (do AOPA's Aircraft)
  • Added 337 for seat headrests
  • Yokes rotated 180 degrees for leg clearance
  • Added Custom GPS mounts on Window Ledges
  • Custom Edge lit Panel for Instruments
  • Added modified C182 Seats, with headrests, and Rails (STC'd)

Damage history:

Ground looped/gear folded years ago by a previous owner. P-Ponk for main gear installed afterwards. I tested the P-Ponk and it worked....



Located: Moraine Airpark, i73, hangar 89


Contact Allen: (owner since April 99)

(937) 902-0645 Leave message  (add 99C in subject)



I love this plane. Takes less than 700 ft to make a full stop landing and then take off again. I can be on final in full stall and have total control surface authority.  The slow speed, about 48 mph and 700 ft decent rate almost makes a crash landing a non event. Panel is steam gage heaven and I wouldn't have it any other way. Sure, glass is nice but it doesn't help the airframe handle better. If I have to make a forced landing, I want to be going as slow as possible when I contact Mother Earth. Glass doesn't help me do that...